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Emergency Preparedness and Security

What is an Emergency Operations Center?#

The Fort Collins Emergency Operations Center (EOC) is a location where multiple agencies convene to help respond to an emergency situation. With all of these agencies meeting in one location, the EOC is able to facilitate a common operating picture, help coordinate information flow, and allow for agencies to determine what resources can be provided to the incident. 

When Is It Decided to Activate the EOC?#

Not all events, weather or otherwise, inside the City mean the EOC has been activated. The EOC is activated during the following types of events:

  • The City of Fort Collins has issued a Disaster Declaration
  • The incident has the capability to expand rapidly
  • The incident will impact the residents of Fort Collins in a significant way
  • A similar incident in the past has resulted in an activation of the EOC
  • Capabilities beyond normal response are required
  • The incident will last more than a day