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ClimateWise FAQ

How do I earn badges?

Each strategy your business implements will earn 1-3 points. Claim at least 8 points within a badge to earn that badge.

How do I earn a level?

Businesses can achieve 3 levels in ClimateWise - Silver, Gold and Platinum. At the end of the calendar year, all points earned across all categories add up to earn an overall program level. You’ll be able to see your status at a glance using your myClimateWise dashboard.

  • Silver: 10-24 points
  • Gold: 25-44 points
  • Platinum: 45+ points
What's the deadline to earn a level?

The deadline to report and earn a level is January 31. If you are unable to obtain all your data by January 31, please contact and we can work with you.

Do I have to earn all five badges to be a ClimateWise Partner?

Your business does not have to earn all five badges to be a Partner. Your business can earn as many of the badges that fit within its mission and scope. For example, your business might be able to earn the Water, Waste, Energy and the Social Responsibility badge, but chose not to pursue the Transportation badge because you have limited staff and no fleet vehicles.

How often can my business earn a level and badges?

Your business can earn badges and an overall program level annually. 

What's a badge strategy?

A strategy refers to a mixture of best management practices, actions, projects, innovative ideas, challenges and educational events. Strategies are divided into the following categories under each badge: Act, Educate and Plan, Quantify and Reduce and Innovate.

I'm interested in a certain strategy but I'm not sure what to do. Who will help me?

We have broadened the City staff that supports the ClimateWise program. You now can get in touch with the subject matter expert listed at the top of each badge to ask questions. Or, as always, you can email us at

How are points assigned to a strategy?

Points are assigned to a strategy using the following considerations:

  • Greenhouse gas reduction potential
  • Monetary commitment
  • Ease of implementation
  • Priority (in terms of Climate Action Plan importance)
  • Implementation documentation
  • Time commitment
I'm really not interested in the badge strategies and I want to do something that's not listed, what do I do?

We understand that some businesses will not be interested in the strategies we have for a badge. We still want you to participate! We’re counting on our business Partners to pilot new, innovative strategies that maybe we haven’t thought of yet. You’ll always be able to claim credit for what you’re doing outside of the current menu of options by filling in the blank under the Innovation category for each badge. We might want to talk with you about promoting your innovative projects and strategies via a Lunch and Learn or Talk and Tour event that we could invite other Partners to attend and learn.

How do I access myClimateWise?

Login information will be sent to you once you complete the ClimateWise pledge.

Does my business have to be in Fort Collins to be a ClimateWise Partner?

All businesses within the Fort Collins Growth Management Area (GMA) are eligible to join ClimateWise. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate businesses outside Fort Collins GMA at this time.