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City Clerk

Political Committees (updated March 27, 2017)

The following Political Committees registered with the City Clerk's Office.

Committee Name Purpose or Nature of Interest of Committee Contact Information
Coalition for Public Policy
(formerly called Voters United)
Registered:  12/08/15
To advocate for transparent and accountable public policy by supporting or opposing candidate/issue committees in the April 2017 election. (This is an amended purpose statement submitted 12/11/15.) 1308 West Plum, Unit 516
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Democracy With Vision
Registered:  02/08/16
Status:  Terminated 02/08/18
To help encourage citizens to engage in local issues in order to better their community on a variety of topics. 2401 Stanford Road
Fort Collins, CO 80525
Sierra Club Political Committee
Registered:  03/23/17
Status:  Withdrew registration 03/15/18 (see letter)
Organized to engage in electoral activity. 2101 Webster Street, Suite 1300
Oakland, CA 20001

What is a Political Committee?