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Initiative Effort Relating to the Regulations Commonly Known as "U+2"#


The Fort Collins Land Use Code contains provisions relating to occupancy limits, which addresses the maximum occupancy allowed per dwelling unit in a single-family, two-family, or multi-family dwelling.  

Read the Occupancy Provisions

The Power of Initiative#

The Fort Collins City Charter grants the registered electors of Fort Collins the power to propose ordinances or resolution to the City Council, and, if the Council fails to adopt a proposed measure, to adopt or reject such ordinance or resolution at the polls.  The initiative process begins by filing with the City Clerk a written notice of intent to circulate an initiative petition, which contains the full test of the proposed ordinance or resolution.  After the notice has been filed, the proponents of the initiative (also known as the petition representatives) submit to the City Clerk the final form of their petition.  The City Clerk reviews the form of the petition, and if satisfied that it conforms to the requirements of the Charter, approves the petition for circulation.  The proponents then have 60 calendar days to circulate the petition and file it with the City Clerk.

If the proponents collect the requisite number of valid signatures, the petition is certified to the City Council as sufficient.  The Council them must adopt the proposed ordinance or resolution, without alteration, within 30 days, or submit the proposed measure to the registered electors of the city.

For a deeper understanding of the initiative process:

Read the Initiative Guidelines

Current Initiative Effort#

On April 26, 2023, four registered electors filed a Notice of Intent to circulate an initiative petition.  The form of the petition was subsequently filed with the City Clerk, and the petition was approved for circulation on April 28.  The deadline to file the completed petition with the City Clerk is Tuesday, June 27.

A total of 4,228 valid signatures are needed on the petition for it to be sufficient for action by Council.

Upon submission, the City Clerk will have five working days to review the petition.  If the petition is sufficient, the City Clerk will move forward by certifying the sufficiency of the petition to the City Council.  If the petition is insufficient, the proponents may amend the petition by the submission of additional signatures.  If so amended, the City Clerk will have five additional working days to review the additional signatures.

When each action in this process occurs, relevant deadlines become apparent.  Additional information will be added to this page as those deadlines become known.

Proposed Ordinance Amending Occupancy Limits