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City Clerk

Independent Expenditures

April 7, 2015 Election

What is an Independent Expenditure?

An independent expenditure means the payment of money by any person for the purpose of advocating the election, defeat or recall of a candidate, which expenditure is not controlled by, or coordinated with, any candidate or any agent of such candidate.

Independent expenditure includes expenditures for political messages which unambiguously refer to any specific public office or candidate for such office, but shall not include expenditures made by persons, other than political committees, in the regular course and scope of their business and political messages sent solely to their members.

Any person or political committee making an independent expenditure totaling more than $100, must deliver a notice, in writing, to the City Clerk no later than three (3) business days after the day that such funds are obligated.

Funds are considered to be obligated as soon as an agreement is reached for the provision of the property, materials or services in question, regardless of when payment is to be made for such property or services. The City Clerk's Office has a form for the reporting of independent expenditures.

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