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City Clerk

Contact Information

Candidate Resources

2013-2014 Budget

  • The Adopted Budget for 2013-2014.

Open Book - City Expenses

  • An online tool designed to disclose expenses.

Council Agendas

  • Agendas, minutes, and videos of City Council Meetings.

Six Month Planning Calendar

  • A calendar that provides information about upcoming agenda items.

City Mission, Vision, & Values

  • A description of the City's vision, mission, and values.

City Charter

  • The legal document defining the structure, power, functions, and procedures of Fort Collins city government.

Municipal Code

  • The legal document that contains the laws of the City of Fort Collins.

Land Use Code

  • The laws of Fort Collins that relate to the regulation of land use.

Policies and Plans

  • A listing of the plans and policies that have been adopted by City Council.

Council District Map

  • A map of the six Council Districts.

Election Signs

  • Provisions relating to election signs.