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World Class People (Previous Years)#

Providing world-class service is more than just a job, it's a source of pride. Meet a few of the City of Fort Collins employees that see their job as a way to contribute to what makes Fort Collins great.

2022 World Class People#

A person stands in the entrance of a bus smiling at camera

Annabelle Phillips - Transfort: “Public transit is a vital service that advances the livability and health of our community. There are so many facets to providing great transit and I love that I get to contribute daily to this important service.”

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Bear Peterson-Gordon - Connexion: “I like to consider myself the original Connexion super-fan and I believe in the mission of Connexion wholeheartedly. I feel pride in what I do, knowing that we are making Fort Collins a better place today and for future generations.”

A person stands in front of a river

John Song - Water Engineering & Field Services: “Water can be powerful and destructive, but also fun, beautiful and life-giving if stewarded well. Not only are we serving in the present, but for the next and future generations as well.”

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Katie Kitzerow - Emergency Preparedness & Security: “My goal each and every day is to provide a safe and secure environment for employees, contractors and visitors to City facilities. This is valuable work to help keep people healthy and safe.”

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Megan Hervey - Lincoln Center: “Art and theatre are all about connection – they can spark new ideas, unite people from different backgrounds, and even drive social change. I feel proud to help create positive experiences for our patrons so they may learn, discover new passions, and engage with different cultures.”

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Nicholas Jones - Water Utilities: “When I hear employees taking initiative to evaluate and change their safety behaviors, because of a conversation I had with them, or a class they participated in, then I know I am making difference. At the end of the day, my job is to help ensure everyone goes home safely to their friends, family and community.”

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Ryan Mounce - Community Development & Neighborhood Services: “Whether it’s housing, equity, or climate, there’s no shortage of important issues to address. Helping the community learn about these topics, providing information, facilitating connections, and sharing data with decision-makers can help the community make informed choices.”

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Sarah Meline - Communications & Public Involvement: “At the local government level you can have an incredible impact within your local community every day. I focus on connecting community members with crucial information and working to make the community stronger and more resilient through recovery.”

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Sue Beck-Ferkiss - Social Sustainability: “My role at the City has been instrumental in creating and implementing policy, culminating in more housing opportunities for consumers of affordable housing, allowing people to live in Fort Collins even if they do not earn a lot of money.”

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Tenae Beane - Community Development & Neighborhood Services: “Working in Development Review has a direct influence on the built environment, and I believe each project is connected to the bigger picture of what makes Fort Collins a great place to live now and in the future.”

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Tessa Jakobsson - Police Criminal Investigations: “Throughout each investigation I seek to help the victim have the courage to share what happened to them so they have a voice. I work hard to hold people accountable when they victimize someone else, and through that try to make our community a safer place.”

2021 World Class People#

Brian Meyer

Brian Meyer – Information Technology: “I am surrounded by talented, smart people that I can learn from and advance my skills. I get to solve spatial problems and provide data management on incredibly interesting projects.”

Cheryl Kalmbach

Cheryl Kalmbach – Recreation: “I love being able to provide wonderful experiences for families in the Fort Collins community. I enjoy meeting new people and helping them register for programs that fit their fitness and educational needs.”

Christine Arnott

Christine Arnott – Human Resources: “I love that working in HR gives me the opportunity to show up honestly and fully when interacting and collaborating with my colleagues across the organization; I am so grateful for every opportunity to break down barriers, use technology to connect, serve and develop our workforce, and keep learning new ways to grow together.”

Jim Byrne

Jim Byrne – Emergency Preparedness & Security: “The City is full of passionate people who are always looking at the big picture. When we face big challenges, the community is well served because of that passion."

Kaley Zeisel

Kaley Zeisel – Transfort/Parking Services: “The most exhilarating thing about working for Transfort & Parking Services is recognizing the value of the service that our department provides and witnessing the evolution of transit in our community over the past decade.”

Leo Escalante

Leo Escalante – Communications & Public Involvement: “My favorite thing about working for the City is having the ability to build relationships in the community, which guides my work. It also provides me with the necessary input to use my role to influence systemic change that benefits those community members that have been historically marginalized, underserved and ignored.”

Maggie Escobar

Maggie (Mags) Escobar – Safety & Risk Management: “My team pools our knowledge to support each other, City staff , and the Fort Collins community. We work hard to ensure that we are providing the best services we can, and we have a lot of fun doing it!”

Maren Bzdek

Maren Bzdek – Community Development & Neighborhood Services: “Historic Preservation supports the preservation and rehabilitation of historic properties, but the reality is that our work is as much or more about people as it is about buildings and places. We hope to contribute to a sense of belonging for all of our residents.”

Peter Robertson

Peter Robertson Jr. – Parks: “I really enjoy providing a well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing place for people to relax or recreate. I love driving through our parks and seeing community members enjoying themselves. Nothing is better than when a person comes up to you and thanks you for impacting their experience.”

Selina Lujan

Selina Lujan – Environmental Services: “My department and service area not only care for their employees by creating a safe space to explore, grow, engage and be vulnerable, but also care about the impact that our work has on the Fort Collins community. The dedication to the work within the Environmental Services Department can be seen and felt.”

SeonAh Kendall

SeonAh Kendall – Economic Health: “My favorite thing about working for the City is that I learn something new every day. Our businesses are amazing, resilient community members that open their doors and hearts to us – sharing their ups and downs. I am proud to work for the City and the Sustainability Service Area that values environmental, human and economic resiliency.”

Wendy Serour

Wendy Serour – Utilities Customer Connections: “In my various roles with the City, I’ve served as a conduit between our internal service areas and our commercial customers – I love connecting the dots between our customers’ needs and the services our organization provides.”

2020 World Class People#

Chad Willschau – Utility Services: “My coworkers are one of my favorite things about working here. We participate in many activities together outside of work, and we have a great working relationship and camaraderie.”

Eileen Dornfest – Utility Services: “I love working with and learning from my colleagues. I am so fortunate to be working on projects that directly affect our current and future water customers and that keep me learning, problem-solving and collaborating daily.”

Jan Sawyer – CDNS: “My favorite thing about working here is the people! We make safe and successful events possible, where our community can come together to enjoy the natural beauty, music, food and art that is so abundant in Fort Collins.”

Kevin Williams – Parks: “It means the world to me that I get to help provide our services in one of the most beautiful communities on the planet.”

Kyle Lambrecht – Engineering: “I am very fortunate to work with a group of intelligent professionals who are dedicated to improving the transportation network for the City. They are super supportive, make me laugh, listen to my ideas/concerns and push me to be a better individual.”

Lindsay Ex – Environmental Services: “I am proud to be a part of an organization that prioritizes finding the most equitable and inclusive solutions. We see better outcomes when we bring our whole selves to the work and connect authentically with community members and businesses.”

Mark Sears – Natural Areas: “I really enjoy building meaningful relationships and interdepartmental partnerships. I started working for Transportation in 1980 and have worked in Natural Areas for over twenty years. I love working for the City and am still here forty years later because of that.”

Michelle Vattano – Natural Areas: “As a public servant, I enjoy working for an organization that truly values their employees. I feel privileged to work with such committed, inspirational and dedicated people.”

Ralph Mirelez – Recreation: “Providing activities for youth and adults enriches their daily life. I have also gained many friendships, met wonderful people and learned many different skills from my co-workers.”

Rebecca Everette – CDNS: “It’s satisfying to work on projects that support community policies and goals, including affordable housing, childcare, small business and reuse projects. I love that the work has a lasting impact on the look, feel and quality of life in Fort Collins.”

Stu Reeve – Operation Services: “I feel fortunate to have dedicated and supportive leaders who encourage us to embrace collaborative and innovative thinking. Working with so many dedicated individuals across the City is also inspiring. Our vision, mission and values are reflected daily for me.”

2019 World Class People#

“Working for the City of Fort Collins is a privilege, because I get to serve the community that I love. It’s exciting to know that the work I do has a positive impact on youth, adults, seniors and underserved populations.” 2019 Honoree, Aaron Harris, Recreation

“My whole job is to share information and give the community opportunities to participate in their government. The work the City does impacts residents’ lives every single day, and I’m proud to help tell that story.” - 2019 Honoree Amy Resseguie, Communications and Public Involvement

“From youngsters to seniors, creating fun, entertaining and active programs and events for this wonderful community is the highest honor and personal reward I could ask for.” - 2019 Honoree, Ashley Ruffer, Recreation

“I really enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with working on high-profile projects and seeing them through to completion, and I’m proud that the projects we build are utilized by nearly everyone in the city.” - 2019 Honoree Dan Woodward, Engineering

“I enjoy working for the City because I have the opportunity to work with great people and every day brings new challenges and issues to resolve.” - 2019 Honoree Eric Bergersen, IT

“My career with the City’s Environmental Services Department has allowed me to help implement practical solutions in our community, while striving to work with people as equals so we can solve issues together.” - 2019 Honoree Jonathon Nagel, Environmental Services

“I believe The Gardens is one of the cultural gems that makes this community an extraordinary place to live! I am grateful every day I get the chance to help bring our mission to life.” - 2019 Honoree Korrie Johnston, Gardens on Spring Creek

“I’m a problem solver, and I love that this work gives me puzzles to solve. Big projects are like jigsaw puzzles, and it’s really satisfying when the last piece drops in and you can admire what it has become.” - 2019 Honoree Robert Hintz, Engineering

“City employees have a responsibility to be good stewards. I strive to provide transparency in what we procure, how it is accounted for, and how we obtain the best return on investment.” - 2019 Honoree Bob Singleton, IT

“Our commitment to sustainability improves our community service. It makes the City a better place to work. I love seeing the impact of a healthy municipal government in Fort Collins and knowing that I am a part of that workforce.” - 2019 Honoree Michelle Finchum, Environmental Services

“The work that we do in developing transportation infrastructure literally connects all facets of our community. I love that we get to be a part of how our community gets to where they are going.” - 2019 Honoree Nicole Hahn, Engineering

2018 World Class People#

Sean Cordill

"I enjoy working in a technical role and helping people understand how to use technology to its fullest every day." - 2018 Honoree Sean Cordill, Information Technology

Greg Garcia

"I meet people on a daily basis who may be experiencing the judicial system for the first time. I try to be a calming presence and treat everyone with compassion and respect." - 2018 Honoree Gregory Garcia, Municipal Court

Tim Kemp

"I appreciate the collaboration between all City departments and the sense of empowerment to do what I do best daily." - 2018 Honoree Tim Kemp, Engineering

John Klingman

"I feel very fortunate to work in a department that values the stewardship and responsibilities needed to provide resources like parks and trails to the community." - 2018 Honoree John Klingaman, Parks

Terri Runyan

"By promoting best practices and excellence internally, our colleagues can do their best work to provide outstanding service to our community." - 2018 Honoree Terri Runyan, City Manager’s Office

Martina Wilkinson

"In Traffic Operations, we balance varying and sometimes conflicting interests with the goal of improving transportation in Fort Collins and making a positive difference for the community." - 2018 Honoree Martina Wilkinson, Traffic

Aaron Reed

"I get a sense of pride and contentment knowing I play a role in conserving and enhancing lands with natural resource, agricultural, and scenic values so that they will be available for my children, as well as future generations." - 2018 Honoree Aaron Reed, Natural Areas

Antoinette Glidewell

"I support employees all over the City with their technology issues, which contributes to the great work they do." - 2018 Honoree Antoinette Glidewell, Information Technology

Ali Recio

"I love working at an organization that is so focused on supporting and building a strong community." - 2018 Honoree Ali Recio, City Manager’s Office

Keith Scott

"I take great pride in providing the citizens of Fort Collins with smooth and safe roads for their commute, while maintaining a high level of service." - 2018 Honoree Keith Scott, Streets

Chris Donegon

"Coming to work every day and knowing that what we do as a department directly affects every Fort Collins resident gives me a great sense of pride and accomplishment." - 2018 Honoree Chris Donegon, Utilities

Danny Nelson

"I connect the work that I do with the health of the City’s workforce. If I am doing an excellent job in health programming, then our City employees are living healthier, happier and more fulfilling lives both at work and at home." - 2018 Honoree Danny Nelson, Human Resources

2017 World Class People#

"Working with the public has been very rewarding; making even a small difference each day to brighten every passenger’s experience." -2017 Honoree Diana Montoya-Barnes, Transfort

"City employees are people who are passionate about results, and who have the patience and perseverance to overcome difficulties in order to get the job done and done right. " -2017 Honoree Chris Martinez, Finance

"Every day I hope to make a positive difference for children, whether by helping them milk a cow, holding their hand when they are scared to go into the chicken yard, or just laughing at their silly jokes." -2017 Honoree Bridget Brownell, Recreation

"I hope that my work helps consider the needs of all community members in every project the City undertakes, resulting in a more equitable and inclusive community." -2017 Honoree Dianne Tjalkens, Social Sustainability

"I am passionate about making Fort Collins a safer place to live by treating victims with compassion and respect, and working hard to hold criminals accountable." -2017 Honoree Jaclyn Shaklee, Patrol

"Water is one of our most valuable natural resources. Through monitoring and protection we can provide a sustainable supply of high-quality water." -2017 Honoree Jared Heath, Utility Water Quality Services

"I am able to create a living classroom and teach people how to grow their own food, and build self-reliance and connections among community members. " -2017 Honoree Mary Miller, Cultural Services

"Providing basic utility services to residents is the function that resonates most with me - providing top quality, reliable service in a cost-effective manner." -2017 Honoree, Owen Randall, Utilities

"I love being a part of the City Manager’s Office. I really enjoy helping others and am proud my behind-the-scenes work contributes to the City Manager’s success every day." -2017 Honoree Rachel Askleland, City Manager's Office

"I get to apply the experience, training and knowledge I’ve gained over the years to every job I inspect. I work to treat everyone with the respect they deserve, never forgetting who makes up the community. " -2017 Honoree Ron Carroll, Community Development and Neighborhood Services

"In a time when many people feel disconnected and alone, my job is to reconnect them to nature and their community. It doesn’t get much better than that!" -2017 Honoree Susan Schafer, Human Resources

"By encouraging everyone to follow safety policies and traffic control, we can provide a safer environment for all who drive, ride and walk through construction zones." -2017 Honoree Syl Mireles, Traffic

"Trees improve the quality of life, provide valuable environmental benefits and give the community a unique identity." -2017 Honoree Tim Buchanan, Parks

2008 – 2015#

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