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VirtuVisit Technology Agreement#

Please print and sign the technology agreement before you get started.

Print and Sign

Hey Portal Commands#

Need help operating the voice commands on the Portal?

Hey Portal!

More apps on Portal#

Download this document to learn how to set up websites as apps on the Portal.


Schedule a Zoom call on a Laptop#

This document will show you how to schedule Zoom on your laptop or desktop.

Schedule Zoom on a Laptop

Set up Zoom on Portal#

Learn how to set up Zoom on your Portal device.

Zoom on Portal

Create a Zoom Account on a Desktop#

Learn about setting up Zoom on your desktop or laptop computer.

Zoom Account for Desk Top

Zoom on your Iphone#

Want to add Zoom to your Iphone?

Zoom on Iphone

More on Zoom#

A little more information on Zoom invites.


Schedule a Zoom Call on Iphone#

Schedule a Zoom call using an Iphone or Ipad.

Schedule Zoom

Chat During Zoom#

How do you have a conversation with someone during a Zoom session? Learn more about how to open a "chat" in Zoom on the Portal.

Zoom Chat

Deleting Apps#

Learn how to delete apps on your Portal device.

Deleting Apps

How to Change Your Default City#

This link can help.

Change Your City

Want Music on Your Portal?#

This document will walk you through how to add the Pandora app to your Portal Device.

Add Pandora

Another Way to Video Chat#

Skype is another app that can be used to video chatting. Learn how to set it up.

Add Skype