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Spills and Releases In The Fort Collins Growth Management Area#

June 12, 2017
A release of 2 to 3 bbls of oil was reported near Douglas Road at the Fort Collins Tank Battery (in the Growth Management Area but outside the City limits) due to a mechanical failure of a flowline. Absorbent pads were used to soak up and estimated 5 gallons on the paved roadway.  No repair work was completed as the flowline was scheduled to be abandoned.

October 27, 2016
A release of 140 to 150 bbls of oil was reported at the Fort Collins Tank Battery (in the Growth Management Area but outside the City limits) due to a valve failure. The leak was discovered at approximately 1:15 pm and the clean-up process was reported as ending at 7:30 pm. Local authorities were notified the morning of October 28, and it was determined that there was no immediate threat to the community, and that the release did not impact or threaten any water ways.

April 24, 2016
A release of 3 gallons of crude oil and 7.9 bbls of produced water occurred at the Fort Collins Tank Battery (in the Growth Management Area but outside the City limits) due to a failure in a flow line.  The release did not impact or threaten any water ways. A vacuum truck was dispatched to the location and 2 gallons of crude oil and 1.9 bbls of produced water were recovered.  The flowline has since been repaired and the effected soil has been tested, treated, and backfilled, returning the site to its previous state.

January 17, 2016
A leak of produced water was identified at the Fort Collins production water gun barrel tank. Leak was near the bottom of the tank at a 3" welded tank nipple. After the source of the leak was found, it was clamped shut. The earthen tank berm contained all but approximately 5 bbls of the release. A vacuum truck recovered 120 bbls of the 125 bbls of production water. All production water was contained on location. Soil testing of the area will occur according to COGCC regulations.   

May 28, 2015
During his early morning site visit, the Production Superintendent noted steam at the location. Upon inspection, he observed production water in an excavation. The excavation was the result of an on-going cleanup for a previous release which occurred May 16. The water had filled the 20 feet x 20 feet x 11 feet (depth) excavation and had overflowed to the southeast side of the location. No production water left location. The wells associated with this flowline were shut in. A vacuum truck recovered produced water. It is estimated that 450 bbls of production water was released and 440 bbls of produced water was recovered. It is estimated that 0.1 bbl of oil was released and 0.1 bbl of oil was recovered. All fluid was hauled to a licensed disposal facility. The source of the release was a failed 3 inch diameter connection on the produced water production line, due to age and corrosion. A temporary brace was installed under the suspended portion of the line.
May 18, 2015
An oil stain was noted on the ground on 5/16/15. The stain was discovered during a routine daily inspection. The leak was determined to be from the 3 inch diameter production flow line, located near the oil production tanks of the Fort Collins tank battery. All wells connected to the flow line were shut in, stopping any active flow in the line. Line locations were made on 5/17/15, and excavation occurred on 5/18/15. Excavation exposed a leak in a 3 inch threaded pipe connection, caused by corrosion. A hydrovac truck evacuated liquids and slurry. 5 bbls was estimated to be spilled. Additional soil is planned to be removed. A section of the flowline will be replaced. The spill was approximately 992 feet from surface water, 302 feet from wetlands, 303 feet from the nearest occupied building, and 600 feet from the nearest water well (DNR plot of water well).
September 2, 2014
A small flowline leak was discovered near the lease road between Douglas Road and wells MSSU 30-6 and MSSU 30-7. The fluid was produced water, and was contained in a depression along the side of the lease road. A vacuum truck has cleaned up the spill. Less than one barrel of fluid was recovered. There was very little infiltration as the soil was saturated due to recent rain. The flowline was isolated and shut in until repaired. 
June 10, 2013
A stain on the soil was noted at Tank #849. The cause of the staining was investigated and was a small hole in Tank #849, which was released fluid into the bermed area. Hole in tank #849 was immediately plugged. The on-site berm contained fluid. A vacuum truck was dispatched to remove liquids. Fluid is being transferred into the adjacent tank #848. The tank was strapped to determine released fluid volume. Tank will be replaced and impacted soil was excavated and disposed of at a licensed facility. Water spilled 29 barrels and recovered 25. Oil spilled 0.048 and recovered 1.5.
March 1, 2013
Equipment failure caused a total of 20 bbls of fluid to be released, which was comprised of 19 bbls of water and 1 bbl of oil. A break had occurred in the flowline due to a blockage in the line. This was thought to be caused by a heavy emulsion from our water flood treatment chemicals combined with additional water put on-line from newly converted injection wells. Fluid was recovered using a vacuum truck. Stained soil was removed and disposed of at Waste Management site in Ault, co. No impact to groundwater. Operator installing high/low pressure (Murphy) switches on equipment to prevent future failures.
January 28, 2013
The poly flow line from Community #1 well failed at a junction to the steel trunk line. The line leak occurred on the poly flow line only, and was contained within the Community Tank Battery berm. Shut in connected well (Community #1), isolated line, used a vacuum truck to recover fluids, then excavated impacted soil to visibly clean soil beneath. Soil was analyzed in a laboratory, cleared and used on-site for berms.
July 6, 2012
Flow line rupture at a tie-in point to the main trunkline, within bermed area of the Community battery. Operator isolated line, used a vacuum truck to recover fluids, then excavated impacted soil. Soil pile was disposed of at the Waste Management facility in Ault, CO.
February 21, 2011
2" nipple located between the tank valve and check valve failed resulting in the contents of the tank emptying onto the ground. The tank was being used to production test the well. Closed valve, tested tank. Shut in well. Recovered oil using vacuum truck. Spill consisted of 25 barrels oil, 24 barrels recovered.