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Transfort Receives $2.4 Million from Federal Transit Administration for Bus Stop Accessibility Enhancements

Released on Wednesday, July 10, 2024

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  • Annabelle Phillips, Sr. Manager, Transit, 970-224-6173,
  • Kaley Zeisel, Director, Transit, ,

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Transfort, the public transportation operator for the City of Fort Collins, received a $2.4 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Tuesday to fund its Accessibility Enhancements Project, which will improve accessibility infrastructure and comfort of bus stops in Transfort’s service area.

The project, which will be completed in collaboration with Colorado State University (CSU), will provide Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)-compliant upgrades to over 40 existing bus stops including stops on CSU’s Main and Foothills Campuses, ADA improvements to the concrete infrastructure at the Downtown Transit Center and the purchase and installation of comfort amenities such as bus shelters, benches and lighting.

“Transit is one of the most climate-wise and resident friendly services a city can provide,” Mayor Jeni Arndt said. “We are so excited to work with our federal partners to better serve the public and improve air quality for all.”

The project’s funding will also be used toward the construction of 10 new ADA-compliant bus stops to accommodate future expansion on North College Ave., helping Transfort advance its vision of a transit system that serves all citizens equitably.

“This $2.4 million grant from the FTA is a significant step towards creating a more inclusive transit system and achieving our climate action goals,” City Manager Kelly DiMartino said. “By improving accessibility and investing in low-emission technology, we're not only enhancing the quality of life for our residents but also demonstrating our commitment to sustainable transportation solutions. We’re thrilled to partner with CSU on this grant award and to upgrade bus stops throughout the system as well as on CSU’s campuses.”

Federal support for buses and bus facilities projects over the last several years has been instrumental in moving people and helping communities advance their climate goals.

Tuesday’s announcement is part of approximately $1.5 billion in funding to support 117 projects that will improve public transportation in 47 states. Over the last three years the FTA has sent nearly $5 billion in the past three years to replace and modernize transit buses on America’s roadways, building new technology with American workers. U.S. factories will produce more than 3,650 new buses.

The projects announced Tuesday are supported by FTA’s Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities and Low-and No-Emission (Low-No) Vehicle programs.

The Grants for Buses and Bus Facilities program provides federal funding for transit agencies to buy and rehabilitate buses and vans and build and modernize bus facilities. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides nearly $2 billion through 2026 for the program. For Fiscal Year 2024, approximately $390 million for grants was available under this program.

FTA’s Low-and No-Emission program makes funding available to help transit agencies buy or lease U.S.-built low- or no-emission vehicles, including buses and vans, make facility and station upgrades to accommodate low- or no-emission vehicles, and buy supporting equipment like battery electric charging. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides $5.6 billion through 2026 for the Low-No Program – more than six times greater than the previous five years of funding. For Fiscal Year 2024, approximately $1.1 billion was available for grants under this program.

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