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Nature in the City Dream It Up: Planning Grants Available 

Released on Monday, August 1, 2022
Contact Information
  • Kate Rentschlar, Nature in the City Environmental Planner, 970-416-4295,, Website: Website
  • Rachel Steeves, Nature in the City Environmental Planner, 970-416-6641,, Website: Website

Funding is available for projects that improve habitat and connect people to nature. Nature in the City funds many types of projects including outdoor classrooms, community gardens, nature play areas, and pollinator pathways.  The 2023 Nature in the City grant cycle will fund planning projects up to $5,500. Dream it Up: Planning Grant applications are due October 21.

Dream it Up: Planning Grant applications open September 1 for funds in 2023. Funding awards up to $5,500 will help transform ideas into ready-to-go projects. Planning grants can help groups form win-win partnerships, discover and overcome early challenges, and gain input and buy-in from the community the project will serve. Additionally, planning grants improve the quality of projects and the ease of implementation. For example, a planning grant might result in a professional, community-approved native plant landscape plan. Some other examples of planning grant elements include:

  • Hiring a landscape designer to create plans
  • Limited outreach supplies (e.g. snacks, maps, flip charts, and pens for brainstorming meetings)
  • Doing a feasibility study (i.e. a process that explores the options and costs)

Explore past projects and learn how to apply at