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City of Fort Collins Receives $1M in Funding to Deliver as Small Business Grants to Local Businesses

Released on Friday, July 15, 2022
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The City of Fort Collins is launching a small grants program to provide relief to small businesses. Two rounds of funding will be made available to businesses.

Round 1 will be open to businesses on August 1 and closes August 30.

Round 2 will be open to businesses on October 3 and closes October 31.

A total of $800K will be made available for the Small Business Recovery Grants. Small Business Grants will be made in increments of $2,500, $5,000, or $7,500, grant amount is dependent upon number of employees and annual revenue (assistance will not have to be repaid).

The City of Fort Collins Economic Health department will use the Small Business Recovery Fund to support businesses in one of the three areas: stabilization, technical assistance, and workforce training/retention.

In addition to the $800K, the newly opened Multicultural Business & Entrepreneurship Center is now offering business services to the community and has $30K at its disposal to help businesses with technical assistance.

Expanded criteria and eligibility will be available to potential Small Business applicants the week prior to Round 1 opening on August 1. Applications will be made available in Spanish.

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