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Fort Collins ends temporary occupancy of RVs in City limits

Released on Monday, May 24, 2021
Contact Information
  • Marcy Yoder, Neighborhood Services Supervisor, ,

The City of Fort Collins has ended an emergency order that had allowed people to occupy recreational vehicles parked on private property for living, working, or sleeping purposes in order to provide more options for social distancing and physical quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak.

City Manager Darin Atteberry signed an order ending the temporary policy on May 24, 2021. The order had been in effect since March 2020.

The decision to end the order was made due to other COVID-19 related emergency orders ending this month. The City now reverts to existing rules and regulations for occupancy of recreational vehicles.

Homeowners associations may also resume enforcement of their own declarations or covenants restricting the parking, occupancy, or use of a recreational vehicle on private streets or private property.

For questions about the order, contact Neighborhood Services at 970-416-2200.