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Bird to resume e-scooter program in Fort Collins

Released on Tuesday, July 7, 2020
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The City of Fort Collins has been notified that Bird plans to resume e-scooter services in the City starting Wednesday, July 8.

Bird services were suspended in late March due to the coronavirus pandemic and the stay-at-home order.

Bird is resuming service in Fort Collins just in time for the summer and summer operating hours that allow rides until 9 p.m. Notable highlights from Bird for the Fort Collins launch include:

  • Free Rides for Healthcare Workers and Emergency Personnel - Bird is offering free rides to healthcare workers and emergency personnel. To sign up, riders need to e-mail a copy of their medical identification card along with their name and phone number to dG9nZXRoZXJAYmlyZC5jbw==.
  • Quick Start- Quick Start allows riders to unlock a nearby vehicle with the tap of an in-app button. Think keyless entry but for a scooter.
  • Health & Safety - The team at Bird is working to put the health and safety of riders, colleagues and communities first. Learn more here.

“A growing list of cities, states and countries are looking to micromobility alternatives, such as scooters and bikes, not only as a means of minimizing congestion but also as a way to maintain current social distancing norms,” said Arthur Ortegon, Senior Manager of Government Partnerships for Bird in the Rockies region. “Bird is glad to continue to offer the residents and students of Fort Collins a safe and sustainable way to get around this summer.”

“The City is excited to continue partnering with Bird to provide this safe, fun sustainable multi-modal transportation option,” said Amanda Mansfield, e-scooter share program manager.

The City and Colorado State University are in the middle of a year-long e-scooter pilot program with Bird, which has been extended until the end of 2020.

For more information on the e-scooter program in Fort Collins, visit

Questions for Bird should be directed to aGVsbG9AYmlyZC5jbw== or cHJlc3NAYmlyZC5jbw==.