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Human Rights Campaign Increases City’s Municipal Equality Index

Released on Monday, December 4, 2017
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The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has once again increased the City of Fort Collins Municipal Equality Index rating because of its work on equity and diversity within the community and the municipal organization.

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation increased Fort Collins rating to 78 out of 100 possible points. Fort Collins rose to 78 from 74 in 2016, up from 60 in 2015.

The Municipal Equality Index examines 506 cities for its non-discrimination laws, municipal services and law enforcement among other things in its annual rankings. For more information, go to

In 2017, the City proclaimed June 2017 Pride Month and hosted staff trainings on the inclusion of transgender employees, National Coming Out Day and an internal Pride celebration. The City demonstrated additional support for the LGBTQ+ community in Fort Collins and provided funding for people in the community living with HIV/AIDS.

The mission of the Social Sustainability department is to support a diverse and equitable community that successfully meets the basic needs of all residents. To learn more about the department and read its Strategic Plan, go to