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North College Avenue – Conifer to Willox – Improvements Gearing Up

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North College Avenue is undergoing a design and construction project to improve the safety, operations and aesthetics between Conifer Street and Willox Lane. The scope of work includes relocation of an existing gas main, updated drainage, multimodal enhancements, pavement improvements, new urban design elements including raised, landscaped medians, and developing sections of a rear access road. This project will be the final phase in a four-stage plan to improve North College Avenue. Work between Conifer and Willox will begin in June 2014 and are anticipated to be completed in fall 2015.

During the project’s first stage, Xcel Energy will perform utilities relocations. The relocation will require the removal of three trees located on the west side of College Avenue between Conifer and Willox. The trees will be removed the week of May 26 and chipped on site for mulch to be used later in landscaping projects.

College Avenue will remain open to traffic during the tree removal, although southbound vehicular traffic may see a lane reduction. Access to businesses will be maintained at all times.

Project dates are estimates based on favorable conditions; variances may occur due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances.

Work Zone Information

Typical working hours are weekdays from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.; however, construction may occur outside these times or on the weekends to expedite the work. Road closures and lane drops will be used as needed.

We appreciate your patience during this work. Please slow down and avoid distractions while travelling through the construction zone. For the latest information on road work throughout Fort Collins, visit