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Utilities Partners with Clean Energy Collective to Offer Community-Owned Solar

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In support of City goals to reduce our carbon footprint and energy consumption, Fort Collins Utilities is partnering with Clean Energy Collective (CEC) to construct a community solar array, making solar ownership available to local businesses and residents. CEC was awarded the contract in response to the City’s community solar Request for Proposal (RFP) offered late last year.

Fort Collins Community Solar is a pilot program that will provide additional renewable energy options for Utilities customers who want the benefits of solar ownership without the research, construction and maintenance of a stand-alone system. It also benefits renters, those who can’t install onsite due to rooftop shading, or customers who live in an apartment or condo.

Participating customers can lower utility bills and take advantage of rebates and tax incentives, while also having the flexibility of selling their system, or taking energy credits with them if they move within the utility territory.

The program will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis with a limited amount of panels available for purchase.

Based in Carbondale, Colo., CEC, , developed the nation’s first community-owned solar array near El Jebel, Colo. Since then, CEC has built, or is currently developing 40 community solar projects, while partnering with 18 utilities across eight states. CEC solar panels are fully maintained and designed for maximum power production and lifespan.

CEC expects the solar array to be delivering power later this year. After available rebates and tax incentives, pricing is expected to be $1.59 per watt, or $485 per 305 watt panel. To reserve panels and stay informed from CEC, visit .

For more information, call 970-416-2312, visit , email bndlYXZlckBmY2dvdi5jb20= or TDD 970-224-6003.