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City of Fort Collins Achieves Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence Timberline Award

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In its ongoing quest for continuous performance improvement, The City of Fort Collins has reached new heights. The nonprofit organization Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence (RMPEx) awarded Fort Collins Timberline status this month.

Timberline status marks the second highest level in the state program. It recognizes applicants who demonstrate systematic and mature approaches, effective deployment, process learning and process integration.

During the evaluation, eight RMPEx volunteers visited several sites throughout the City on Nov. 4-6 and talked with more than 200 City staff. The examiners evaluated all parts of the City’s management model and improvement processes. The City received feedback in six categories: leadership, strategic planning, customer focus, knowledge management, workforce focus and operations focus.

According to examiners who announced the award, the City of Fort Collins “demonstrates effective, systematic, well-deployed approaches responsive to the overall requirements of most Criteria items.” The report noted, “The organization demonstrates a fact-based, systematic evaluation and improvement process and organizational learning, including innovation, which results in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of key processes.”

“We submitted a report to an RMPEx panel of judges, who determined we met the criteria for the Timberline level award,” said City Manager, Darrin Atteberry. “Congratulations to all City staff for their contributions in our ongoing performance excellence journey which led to this recognition!”

The City will incorporate the feedback into its planning process to continue to improve the organization, with plans to apply for the top level, Peak status, in 2014.