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City Council Approves 2014 Rate Changes

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Fort Collins Utilities regularly reviews its rates and makes adjustments to reflect the costs of providing electric, water, wastewater and stormwater services. City Council approves the rates by ordinance, and utility bills printed on or after January 1 reflect the new rates.

Utilities’ staff works diligently to manage costs, including close collaboration with Platte River Power Authority, our wholesale electric provider. Utilities’ rates continue to remain among the lowest in the state and our reliability and quality of service is among the highest in the nation.

Changes for 2014 residential rates include:

  • Electric rates will increase 1.6 percent. These increases are primarily due to generation costs and local renewable energy projects.

  • Water rates will increase 9 percent for single-family residential customers. This increase will be used for infrastructure improvements, as well as ongoing operation and maintenance costs. One quarter of the overall water rate increase is associated with expenses from the High Park Fire. An example of how 2013 rates were used can be seen with the completion of the pre-sedimentation basin, located north of the mouth of the Poudre Canyon, which removes sediment in the Poudre River caused by 2012 forest fires.

    Another change in 2014 involves water rate decreases for multi-family (-16.4 percent) and duplex (-1.8 percent) customers who typically irrigate less than single-family customers. A cost of service study was performed for water in 2013 and is reflected in the approved rates.

  • Wastewater rates will increase 7.5 percent for single-family residents. This increase also is used for infrastructure improvements, such as the remodeling of the Mulberry Water Reclamation Facility in 2012, as well as ongoing maintenance and daily operations.

    Duplex accounts will receive a 5.6 percent decrease in rates and multi-family customers a 4.2 percent increase. A cost of service study was performed for wastewater and is reflected in the approved rates.
  • Stormwater rates will not increase in 2014.

Taking these 2014 rate increases into account, a typical single-family customer’s monthly utility bill will increase less than $7 per month in the summer and less than $6 per month the rest of the year.

To help offset costs and lower monthly utility bills, Utilities offers a variety of conservation and efficiency programs and rebates. Learn more at or talk to an account representative at 970-212-2900.

For more information on individual rates, visit, try our online calculator at or call 970-212-2900.

Commercial rates vary from residential rates. Customers are encouraged to contact an account representative, 970-212-2900, or visit to learn more about specific increases and impacts, as well as programs and services to save money.