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Fort Collins Utilities' Presedimentation Basin Project Completed Ahead of Schedule

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On Tuesday, June 18, Fort Collins Utilities’ Water Treatment Facility staff watched Poudre River water flow into the much-anticipated Pleasant Valley Presedimentation Basin.

The basin is the first of its kind in our region and addresses fire-related water quality issues from last summer’s forest fires. The project was put on a fast-track schedule, with design beginning February 5 and wrapping up under budget. A 4 percent rate increase, which went into effect January 1, will be used to help with construction costs, water treatment modifications and increased staffing.

“As we watched the quality of the Poudre River degrade last year due to the sediment in the water from the aftermath of the fires, we knew we needed to make adjustments to our water treatment processes so we could continue to provide the high-quality, great-tasting drinking water our community relies on,” said Lisa Voytko, Utilities water production manager.

At this time, the Poudre River is experiencing “normal” spring runoff water quality; however, it is expected that summer rain storms in the burn area will cause eroded soil, ash and other debris to wash into the river. The basin will help remove the sediment before it gets into our pipelines and to the water treatment facility, which increases the efficiency of treatment processes and helps regulate water quality.

Built adjacent to the Munroe Canal, north of the mouth of the Poudre Canyon, before the water even enters our pipelines, the presedimentation basin also will help with the removal of debris during future spring runoff seasons, when pine needles and other debris can accumulate quickly in the river.

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