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City Invites Everyone to Poudre River Projects Open House

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  • Contact: Zoe Whyman, City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Community Relations Manager, endoeW1hbkBmY2dvdi5jb20=, 970-221-6311
image for press release City Invites Everyone to Poudre River Projects Open House The public is invited to learn about and give input on over 25 projects that will be happening in the Cache la Poudre River corridor. Projects include construction, trail closures, drought and fire work, habitat restoration, flood mitigation and planning efforts. Kid’s activities, snacks and a cash bar will be provided. The River Projects Open House will be Wednesday, June 26, 4-7 p.m. at the Lincoln Center, Canyon West Room, 417 West Magnolia Street, Fort Collins. Drop-in anytime, short overview presentations will be at 4:45, 5:30 and 6:15 p.m. Free, no registration is required. Learn more about The City’s Poudre River projects at

Open House topics include:
An Overview of Trail Closures
Floodplain Management
Poudre River Floodplain Regulations
Wildfires and Water Quality
Water Conservation
Water Supply and Storage
Collaborations and Flow Studies
Understanding River Health with an Ecological Response Model
Development Projects and Plans
West Vine Outfall, and Other Bank Stabilizations
Natural Areas River Restorations and Acquisitions
Downtown Core Project
Shields Street Bridge
Former Link-N-Greens Site/Woodward Headquarters
Mulberry Bridge Replacement
Poudre Trail Extension and Arapaho Bend Natural Area Parking Lot
Restoration of the Urban Tributaries

The Cache La Poudre River is a vital part of Fort Collins’ past, present and future. The City of Fort Collins is working to achieve the vision/principles outlined in City Plan (the City’s Comprehensive Plan, 2011) including:
• The City will support a healthy and resilient Cache la Poudre ecosystem and protect, enhance, and restore the ecological values of the river.
• The City will work to quantify and provide adequate instream flows to maintain the ecological functionality, and recreational and scenic values of the Cache La Poudre River through Fort Collins.

The Open House is part of the effort to manage water supply, flood mitigation, water quality, recreational use, ecological values and other needs in the Poudre River corridor.