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City Director of Purchasing and Risk Management Receives Manager of the Year Award

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The City of Fort Collins’ Director of Purchasing and Risk Management, Jim O’Neill, FNIGP, CPPO, was awarded the 2012 Manager of the Year Award from The Rocky Mountain Governmental Purchasing Association (RMGPA) at their March meeting.

The Manager of the Year Award is presented annually by the RMGPA awards committee. The selection committee recognizes a member for enacting policies or practices that enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their agency, and their commitment to the profession.

Among the items Jim was recognized for include:

• Green Purchasing Study, March 2012
• Sustainable Purchasing Charrette, June 2012
• Sustainable Purchasing Policy, September 2012
• FTA Training conducted for staff, January 2012
• Sustainable Purchasing Policy Team
• FTA Procurement Review completed with no findings
• Independent Procurement Review completed
• Purchasing Manual revisions
• Title VI study

Jim has worked for the City of Fort Collins for more than 33 years and recently announced his retirement.