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Eco-Friendly Families Seminar

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Residents of Fort Collins invited to attend FREE Residential Program Series

20 February 2013 -- (Fort Collins, CO) Most people who live in Fort Collins would agree; this is a beautiful place to live. Natural resources abound, as does a strong network of environmentally and socially conscious individuals and businesses. What better way to embrace the spirit of sustainability in Fort Collins than to incorporate it into your everyday home life? The City’s upcoming Eco-Friendly Families seminar is designed to help you do just that. Join us on Wednesday, February 27, 2013, from
7-8:30 pm at Mid-Town Arts, 3750 S. Mason St.

The seminar will have four speakers and three local business/organizational representatives, all with different approaches for reaching the same goal: a healthy, clean, green, and toxin-free home for your family to thrive in.

Speakers will include City staff members Sustainability Coordinator Dr. Rosemarie Russo and Healthy Sustainable Homes (HSH) Coordinator Mary Pat Aardrup; The Group Realtor and Renewablue Founder James Mitchell; and Becky Boutz, a transformative community member. Other business and organizational representatives available to answer questions will include Katy Koller from The Pooch Mobile, Fort Collins; Peter Eberle from the Northern Colorado Renewable Energy Society (NCRES); and Darren Hein from Heinsight Solutions.

Eco-Friendly Families will be packed with concrete advice and useful tips from local experts. Want solar energy but don’t know much about power purchase agreements? Mitchell can tell you how he did it. Want to learn just how common volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) can be in the home? Aardrup will tell you, and provide solutions. Maybe you want a windmill to power your house? Eberle with NCRES can tell you all about it. Or maybe you want to keep your dog from shedding so much but don’t know how? Leave it to Koller from the Pooch Mobile to offer practical tips.

If you’re ready to be inspired and excited about improving your quality of life and learning more about having a sustainable home environment, then this is the event for you!

A kid-friendly area will be available, so bring your whole family! Light refreshments, networking opportunities, and a cash bar will also be available as part of this event.

To learn more about the Eco-Friendly Families seminar, please contact Dr. Rosemarie Russo at
970-416-2327, or at cnJ1c3NvQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==