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The Governor's Energy Office Offers Free Weatherization Program

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The Governor's Energy Office and its local weatherization partners provide free energy audits and weatherization services to income-qualified residents throughout Colorado. The program may reduce utility bills by 20-40 percent and make your home safer and more comfortable.

Weatherization measures may include:
•storm windows
•furnace replacement or tune up / furnace health and safety testing
•refrigerator replacement
•caulking and weather stripping
•compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) installation
•day-to-day energy conservation actions

Colorado residents receiving assistance from TANF, LEAP, AND, SSI, OAP or Medicaid are automatically qualified for weatherization services. Households also may be eligible if they meet required income guidelines as follows:

Governor’s Energy Office Weatherization Program
Income Guidelines:

Household Members and Gross (before tax) Annual Household Income:
1 $21,780
2 $29,420
3 $37,060
4 $44,700
Each Additional Person $7,640

For more information, visit or call (800) 200-9006.