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Free Flicker Boxes Available From Your Natural Areas Program

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The City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Program has a limited supply of nesting boxes for flickers available to the public, free of charge. The flicker nest boxes are intended for business and home owners who are experiencing damage from flickers excavating holes in their buildings. The flicker boxes were built by volunteers and the City is discontinuing the program.

Register and Pick Up
Boxes will be given away on one day only: on Friday, March 5, 2010, noon-5:00 p.m. Pre-registration for the pick-up day is required at Boxes are available on a first come, first served basis. Online registration will automatically close once available boxes are reserved. No boxes will be available except during March 5 pick-up hours. Only one box per household or business.

Participants will need to fill their nesting box with wood chips (provided at time of pick up) before installing. Installation instructions are on the website. The flicker nest boxes are approximately 30” high, 10” wide and 11” deep. They weigh about 20 pounds and need to be installed in a stationary manner on a pole, building, or large tree at a height between 6 and 30 feet above the ground.

Northern flickers are large woodpeckers that excavate and nest in cavities. Suitable nesting sites may not be available, so flickers drill holes in buildings. Installation of a nest box may help alleviate the problem.

Flickers are beneficial to humans. They consume large quantities of ants, as well as other insect eggs and larvae under the bark of trees. Their excavations in trees are helpful to other birds and mammals who may later modify and use the holes for their own dens or nests. Secondary cavity users include house wrens, chickadees, eastern screech owls, and squirrels.