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FCPS Welcomes New K9 Teams

Released on Monday, April 13, 2020
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  • K9 Bia
  • K9 Colt
  • K9 Eleiko
  • K9 Thor

Fort Collins Police Services is proud to welcome new members to the K9 Unit.

K9 Bia is a 16-month-old female German Shepherd from Hungary. She is assigned to Officer Witt, also a new addition to the K9 Unit.

K9 Colt is a 16-month-old male German Shepherd. He was imported from Hungary prior to being selected to join FCPS. He joins a seasoned handler, Officer Schneider, who most recently worked with K9 Ivo.

K9 Eleiko is a 2-year-old Dutch Shepherd from Holland. He has been with the agency for a little over a year and has been assigned to new handler Officer Hunter.

K9 Thor is a 15-month-old male German Shepherd, also from Hungary. His handler, Officer Grosshans, is a new member of the K9 Unit.

Each of these teams recently completed a two-month training academy before joining Patrol. The new K9s are all dual-purpose dogs who perform Patrol and Narcotics Detection, which means they are trained to locate and apprehend criminal suspects and trained to locate the odor of illegal drugs.

"These new K9s will bring significant capability to Patrol and will help provide a valuable officer safety advantage on deployments," said Sgt. Sean Giddings, who leads the K9 Unit. "We are excited about the potential of these new teams and look forward to seeing them in action."

In addition to these four, FCPS has three additional dual-purpose K9s and one single-purpose explosives detection dog. In 2019, Fort Collins Police deployed their K9s over 1,000 times.

All Fort Collins Police K9s live with their handlers for the duration of their careers and after retirement.

Generous support for the new members of the K9 Unit was provided by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. The City of Fort Collins is deeply grateful for their commitment to public safety and charitable investment in Fort Collins.