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Check the Fort Collins Air Quality Index

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Summer is a prime season for bad air quality days. Did you know you can easily check the air quality to protect yourself and your family from harmful air pollutants? The risks to your health increase as air quality worsens, especially for children, adults over 65, pregnant women, or those who have an existing respiratory disease.

On days when air quality is considered moderate or unhealthy, you should limit your time outdoors and consider exercising indoors.

To help improve the outdoor air quality consider:

  • Carpooling whenever possible
  • Using public transportation
  • Avoiding car idling, especially when waiting for a train or picking up kids from school
  • Avoiding creating smoke and odors from indoor or outdoor wood burning
  • Using electric lawn and garden equipment and vehicles

Play it safe and breathe easier this summer by regularly checking local air quality and sign up for alerts at