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Artists Transforming Electrical Boxes As Part of the 2018 Transformer Cabinet Mural Project

Released on Thursday, August 9, 2018
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  • City of Fort Collins Image
    Artist Beth Lighthouse paints her transformer cabinet mural near 300 S. College.
  • City of Fort Collins Image
    Artist Shawna Turner paints her mural off the Mason Trail near the tunnel to Creekside Park.
  • City of Fort Collins Image
    Artist Werner Schreiber paints his transformer cabinet mural near 1209 N College.

Fort Collins—22 artists and one school will be painting a total of 33 utility transformer cabinets this summer as part of the 2018 Transformer Cabinet Mural Project. The project started in 2006 as a collaborative effort between The City of Fort Collins Utilities Light and Power and the Art in Public Places Program to help mitigate graffiti on transformer cabinets and bring art into the community. The project has enjoyed great success in lowering the maintenance costs of repainting graffitied cabinets and brings original artwork by local artists to unexpected places in the city. It has been replicated in many cities across the state and country.

The artists painting cabinet murals this year include: Chris Bates, Jessica Bean, Tyler Boeyink, Ren Burke, Amelia Caruso, Karen Dobroth, Diane Findley, Chelsea Gilmore, Amy Heyse, Jennifer Ivanovic, Beth Lighthouse, Joe Myers, Allie Ogg, Teddi Parker, Jan Rastall, Werner Schreiber, Shaundra Schultz, Sharon Smith, Larry Tucci, Shawna Turner, Kirsten Vohs, Gale Whitman, as well as staff and students from Poudre Community Academy.

The artists will be painting at various times throughout the summer, and murals are already at different stages of completion. Art lovers will be able to find artists scattered around town with their murals in every stage, from the beginning sketches, to painting the finishing touches, and at every point in between.

The project continues to grow, and this year the most cabinets ever will be painted. At the end of this season there will be a total of 295 painted cabinets in the City’s collection. Visit the APP website at for a gallery of the 2018 mural concepts, progress images, and downloadable maps of locations currently being painted and all cabinet mural locations around town. Follow @focoart on Instagram for updates about artists who are painting and other City Visual Arts programs.

A map of 2018 proposed locations can be found here (locations subject to change)