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Update on Investigation Regarding FCPS Arrest

Released on Thursday, May 17, 2018
The outside criminal investigation regarding an officer’s use of force has concluded. Upon reviewing the case, the District Attorney has determined that the officer’s actions were legally justified. For further details, visit
On Thursday, March 29, 2018, an FCPS officer was on his way home after finishing his shift when he heard dispatch air a call for service at Target (105 W Troutman Parkway). The officer was in uniform and driving a marked police vehicle in the area. He responded to assist with a shoplifting suspect reportedly fighting with staff. He was the first law enforcement personnel to arrive and located the involved parties in the loss prevention office area. For approximately six minutes, he attempted to take the adult female suspect into custody while she verbally and physically resisted. A second officer arrived to assist, and after an additional two minutes, the suspect was taken into custody. In an attempt to gain her compliance during this incident, officers used several less-lethal tools.
Per policy, all uses of force are reviewed by the officer’s chain of command. An internal review of body camera and store surveillance video raised concerns about the force used. Chief Terry Jones contacted Larimer County Sheriff’s Office and asked them to independently investigate the incident to determine if the officer’s actions violated any criminal laws. The officer was placed on administrative leave pending the results of the investigation. An internal administrative investigation was also opened and is still ongoing. At its conclusion, the case will be sent to the Citizen Review Board.
Since the criminal investigation into the officer’s actions has concluded, the officer will return to duty in a non-enforcement capacity until the internal investigation concludes. The criminal case against the shoplifting suspect is still active, so video from the incident will not be released until her case is closed.
Transparency and community trust are high priorities for Fort Collins Police Services, and we’re committed to talking openly with our residents about any issues of concern here in Fort Collins.
For previous information about this case, visit