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City Lawnmower, Equipment Rebates Now Available on Purchases Made May 1 - July 31

Released on Monday, May 14, 2018
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The City of Fort Collins is once again sponsoring a lawnmower rebate program to help residents reduce air pollutants through replacement of gas-powered lawn equipment.

Residents of Fort Collins can apply for up to $50 in rebates for ‘clean’ lawn and garden equipment that is purchased between May 1 and July 31. What’s eligible: Equipment from participating local retailers, clean lawn services, or recycling old polluting gas lawnmowers.

Online purchases not eligible. Other restrictions apply. For more information go to

Pollution emitted from gasoline usage contributes to the creation of ground-level ozone – the main component of smog. Ozone is created when these pollutants react with heat and sunlight. Federal air quality standards regulate ozone due to the negative impacts it can have on health and respiratory systems. People most at risk are children, asthmatics and the elderly.