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Traffic Enforcement Campaign Aims to Reduce Dangerous Driving Behaviors

Released on Thursday, January 4, 2018
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Fort Collins Police Services is undertaking a targeted campaign of traffic enforcement and education in an effort to reduce dangerous driving behaviors and the number of injury and fatal collisions. The campaign supports the City’s commitment to safety and recently adopted Moving Towards Vision Zero, an initiative that focuses on decreasing roadway fatalities.

FCPS will be targeting various intersections and other locations throughout the City for highly visible enforcement in the coming months. The effort is a partnership with the Traffic Operations Department, who provided city-wide accident data and analysis to identify the top locations and traffic violations/behaviors contributing to collisions. Some of these violations include speeding, red light violations, following too closely, and turning in front of oncoming traffic. In addition, community traffic concerns reported to the Police Traffic hotline at 970-221-6842 continue to be an enforcement focus.

Police Services will deploy marked and unmarked vehicles to these identified locations and conduct traffic enforcement and education. Police Services will provide regular updates on their efforts. The goal is to reduce overall traffic accidents, fatalities, and injuries to make our community a safer place.

If you believe a traffic safety issue exists, please contact our Traffic Hotline at 970-221-6842.