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Fort Collins Council to Consider Medical Marijuana Ballot Measure

Released on Wednesday, August 9, 2017
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Voters may have the opportunity to vote to expand City Council’s authority to amend the medical marijuana code to be consistent with state law.

On August 15, 2017, City Council will consider referring a ballot measure this November asking voters if they support allowing City Council to make changes to the medical marijuana code without going to the voters.

The current medical marijuana code provisions are the result of a citizen-initiated ordinance approved by the voters in November 2012. While City Council can lessen any restrictions in the code, any other change must be made by the voters.

Since 2012, the state has made many changes to medical marijuana regulations including the addition of types of licenses and details on ownership structure.

If the proposed ballot measure is approved, it would allow City Council to make changes consistent with the state, including adding additional types of medical marijuana licenses. Council could not amend the ordinance in a manner that would change the basic provisions adopted by voters in 2012.

Approval of the measure does not require City Council to add additional types of medical marijuana licenses but rather provides the option to do so.