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Use of Force Old Town April 2017

Released on Thursday, June 1, 2017
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Contact: Fort Collins Police Services

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Date: June 1, 2017


After an internal investigation into an arrest in Old Town, Officer Randy Klamser has been exonerated and returned to full duty. Fort Collins Police Services will release the officer body camera videos from the arrest, but not until after the District Attorney’s prosecution has concluded. At the time the videos are available for release, the Chief’s Office anticipates holding a press conference. Additionally, Fort Collins Police Services intends to hold public conversations about existing procedures and community views regarding the arrest and defensive tactics program.

The internal investigation included interviews with Officer Klamser, four witness officers, and three citizen witnesses. The arrested subject was offered the opportunity to submit a statement, but declined to do so. Additionally, all officer body camera videos were reviewed, as were videos from cameras in The Square and Bondi Beach Bar.

Per Fort Collins Police Services policy, the investigation containing all police reports, witness statements, and videos, was reviewed by the officer’s chain of command to include: a Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Assistant Chief. Then the Citizen’s Review Board reviewed the investigation and concurred with the chain of command that Officer Klamser should be exonerated of any policy violations during the incident. The policy definition of Exonerate is: the incident occurred, but the employee's behavior did not violate any City or Agency rule, regulation, Policy, procedure, or Training Directive.

To complete the process, Chief Jones examined the administrative investigation and Citizen Review Board review. Chief Jones concurred with the recommended findings of the chain of command and Citizen’s Review Board to exonerate Officer Klamser. As such, Officer Klamser has returned to full duty status as of Thursday, June 1, 2017.