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New Transfort Bus Stop Signs Being Installed Across the City

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Contact Information
City of Fort Collins ImagedHdpbGRlckBmY2dvdi5jb20= alt="image for press release New Transfort Bus Stop Signs Being Installed Across the City" class="pull-left img-responsive img-thumbnail" style="margin:0 20px 20px 0" /> Transfort, the City of Fort Collins public transportation provider, is updating its fleet of buses and improving communications with riders through a variety of new tools over the next several months.

Bus Stop Signs
The first tools residents will see are new bus stop signs on every route. Instead of the white rectangular bus stop signs that exist now, Transfort is installing round green and blue signs designating a Transfort stop. Beginning in May, each stop will also receive a new information sign that helps riders access real time bus arrival information for individual bus stops.

Fleet Updates
Transfort is updating its fleet of vehicles with seven new buses. To be consistent with the design of new bus stop signs and other system changes, these new buses will have a fresh and consistent look. Instead of the current white buses with blue, red and purple stripes, the buses will be blue and green. The entire fleet will also be modernized with the new colors.

May Updates To Be Announced Soon
Transfort is committed to modernizing not only its fleet of buses, but providing real time travel information for the Fort Collins community. New rider technology, routes and bus service changes will be announced in late April prior to system upgrades and enhancements. Stay up to date on all Transfort news at

About Transfort
Transfort is the City of Fort Collins public transportation provider. Transfort offers friendly, safe, convenient bus service in Fort Collins and beyond. MAX Bus Rapid Transit (starting in May), Dial-A-Ride, FLEX and the Green and Gold routes are all services of Transfort. The system was named “Large Transit System of the Year” at the 2013 Colorado Association of Transit Agencies (CASTA)/Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Fall Transit Conference and Expo. For more information about Transfort services and programs, please visit