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Real Sports Fans Celebrate Responsibly

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It’s an exciting time for sports fan. The Denver Broncos are going to the Super Bowl, the first time in 15 years and if all goes well; they will win. It’s only natural to want your team to be the champions, yet how you celebrate impacts not only you but others.

To keep your celebration safe and conflict free, Fort Collins police offer the following tips:

  • Celebrate in a non-confrontational, non-destructive manner;
  • Use good sportsmanship behavior;
  • Demonstrate good character;
  • Be independent. Don’t get caught up in the crowd mentality;
  • Be respectful of other people and their property;
  • Drink responsibly;
  • Have a sober person in your party;
  • Set your own limits and know when to leave;
  • If situations start to get out of control and problems develop, leave immediately;
  • If problems develop, stay away from the conflict area or you can quickly become part of the problem;
  • If police are present, comply with lawful directions; and
  • Don’t block the streets or damage others property

Citizens can expect to see additional police presence in the community during game times. Should problems arise, police have a crowd control plan and are prepared to step in as necessary. Dangerous, destructive, and unlawful behavior will not be tolerated.

While Colorado State law prohibits participating in riots, doing so can result in serious consequences for college students. Any college student participating in a riot can face severe consequences from their school and if convicted of participating in a riot can be barred from any publicly funded Colorado university or college for a year under a state law passed in 2002. Remember, there is no anonymity in a crowd.

Fort Collins police want the Broncos to win and for everyone to have an enjoyable time. So please celebrate responsibly.

Be safe. Be smart. Stay classy. Go Broncos!

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