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City Council to Discuss Adoption of Midtown Plan on Tuesday

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The City Council on Tuesday is scheduled to vote on the final Midtown Plan that will establish the vision for development along College Avenue between Prospect and Harmony roads.

The Council meeting is scheduled to begin at 6 p.m. in the Council Chambers, 300 Laporte Ave.

Midtown is a vital part of the City for a variety of businesses and neighborhoods. The area acts as a focal point for economic development, and hosts the Mason Corridor and the future MAX Bus Rapid Transit system. The Midtown Plan was developed to give Midtown a more cohesive identity and design vision.

City staff has been conducting a series of public meetings on the proposed plan for more than a year. The Planning and Zoning Board on September 12 recommended Council adopt the plan and urged that the City quickly begin implementation of its strategies.

For a copy of the plan and the complete history of public involvement, go to