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Flooding Condition Update 9/13, 11:12 a.m.

This press release was posted 1,500 days ago and may contain inaccurate information.
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The most recent information regarding the flooding status of the city follows:

• City Utilities customers could experience power fluctuations or outages due to surface-mounted electric equipment and services experiencing flooding. Please call 970-221-6700 to report an outage.

• The Poudre River flow has decreased from over 10,000 cfs to 9,400 cfs.

• Harmony Road is OPEN.

• I-25 is closed from Harmony Rd. to the WY state line.

• Mulberry Rd. is closed from Riverside Ave. to Summitview Dr.

• Power is down in the vicinity of Mulberry Rd. and Lemay Ave. and operating on a generator.

• 100% of the City’s drinking water is being provided from Horsetooth Reservoir.

• Horsetooth Reservoir dam structure is designed to manage flooding conditions. There are no issues with the integrity of the Horsetooth Reservoir. There are no concerns about a breach of the dam.

• Do not call 9-1-1 unless you have a medical emergency.

• Do not call Police Services for travel directions.

• Safety is paramount. Citizens are reminded to make good decisions.