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Cameron Gloss Joins City of Fort Collins as the New Planning Manager

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The City of Fort Collins is pleased to announce the recent hire of Cameron Gloss, who joins Community Development and Neighborhood Services as the new Planning Manager. Gloss is a former City employee and brings over 28 years of professional experience to the City of Fort Collins.

Gloss joins the City after working as a community planning consultant with both Clarion Associates and AECOM. His work in the private sector allowed him to travel around the country and gain exposure to cutting edge tools and regulatory practices. Gloss was the City's Current Planning Director from 2000-2008. Gloss begins his new position on September 4.

Gloss's appointment comes right at the conclusion of a time of change within the City’s planning departments. “Cameron’s private sector experience, coupled with his great understanding of best practices in community development, make him an exceptional candidate to lead the City’s newly consolidated planning department to world class achievement,” said CDNS Director Laurie Kadrich.

Cameron is accredited with the American Institute of Certified Planners and has substantial experience developing and implementing public engagement tools that inform and involve the community.

The City's planning staff strives to connects people, places, and services through innovative planning, partnerships, and forums for effective community engagement. For more information, or to learn more about the City's efforts in planning services, please visit