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ClimateWise Partners Saved $14 million in 2012

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ClimateWise business partners continue to raise the bar on their commitments to environmental stewardship and economic vitality by surpassing the original 2012 greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction goal of 163,000 tons for a third time. In 2012, their collective efforts saved $14 million and reduced carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions by 163,000 tons.

“This is an extraordinary achievement,” said Kathy Collier, ClimateWise program manager. “The reduction of 163,000 CO2e tons translates into an additional 14 million trees being planted in Fort Collins or a reduction of 2.2 million vehicle round trips between Fort Collins and Denver.”

ClimateWise is a voluntary program sponsored by the City of Fort Collins. Nearly 340 business partners participate by reducing their waste and transportation, and also conserving water and energy. Since 2000, partners, which range from small to large organizations, have achieved a cumulative savings of nearly $73 million and diverted more than 555,000 tons of waste from the landfill by reducing, reusing and recycling.

ClimateWise partners also have achieved cumulative water savings of 10 billion gallons, the same amount of water to fill City Park pool 49,000 times, and their overall reduction of 715 million kilowatts per hour (kWh) equals the total annual energy use of 7,000 homes (over the same period). Partners also have reduced their natural gas use by 17.7 million therms, the equivalent natural gas use of 2,000 homes (over the same period).

ClimateWise offers partners free technical assessments of operations, ongoing business support, peer networking, tools/resources for savings and public recognition. Staff develops and offers numerous outreach and training opportunities, including the Business Innovation Fair, tours and seminars, and collaborates with the Chamber of Commerce to provide workshops focused on sustainable practices.

During the annual EnvirOvation: A ClimateWise Showcase, businesses are recognized by partnership levels—platinum, silver, gold and bronze—based on the rigor of their environmental initiatives per specific goals and milestones. See highlights of this year’s showcase, featuring Jeff Ackermann, director for the Colorado Energy Office, and clips of various partners at

The Harvard Kennedy School of Government and Alliance for Innovation have each recognized ClimateWise with innovation and outstanding achievement awards. ClimateWise continues to leverage resources, including volunteers with more than 782 hours valued at $17,040 for 2012, and sponsorships and in-kind donations of $12,374.

For more information, view the 2012 Summary of Accomplishments at and take the quiz to be entered in a prize drawing, email dXRpbGl0aWVzQGZjZ292LmNvbQ==, call (970) 221-6700 or TDD (970) 224-6003.