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Future MAX Station Signs Pop Up Along Mason Corridor

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MAX is on the way! You may have noticed signs with this proclamation near MAX Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) construction sites. Now these words will also indicate future station locations; extra-large signs depicting MAX stations have been installed along the Mason Corridor.

Thirteen station signs are located along the MAX route from Downtown to Colorado State University’s (CSU) campus to the South Transit Center (under construction near College Avenue and Fairway Lane). The Downtown signs include fun facts for pedestrians to read about MAX and the station location. Signs south of CSU's campus are designed to be easily viewed as motorists drive by future station areas.

As you discover the signs, notice that each station has unique design characteristics. Utilizing a model from Hannover, Germany, MAX station designs include one specific structural framework along the corridor with different cladding and artistic treatments at each station. This approach allows for continuity along the corridor while providing opportunities for individualization and neighborhood context at each station.

According to Transfort General Manager, Kurt Ravenschlag, “we want to help residents visualize the MAX line – where stations will be located, what they will look like, and how they will fit in with the surrounding environment.”
If you’re eager to see all of the station renderings at once, a full photo gallery is available online at