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Bike Winter Fort Collins Events and Tips

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Cycling is all about momentum. So if you're currently pedaling through Colorado’s predictably unpredictable weather, keep right on going. Winter is when cycling really gets fun. Not only do you have the multi-use paths and bike lanes clear of snow to ride, but you’ll also be exercising in the fresh air. The FC Bikes program has created a few events, resources and tips to keep you riding safe and warm through the winter months.

EVENTS Friday, Dec. 2- Light up the Night – 6 - 8 p.m. at The Grand Opening of The Opiate Gallery (237 Linden) - Bring your old Knog lights for battery replacements and receive new lights if you don't have them already!
Tuesday, Dec. 6 - FC Bikes Lunch Talk – Noon - 1p.m. at Home State Bank (303 Mountain Ave.) – 2012 & Beyond! Visioning and Public Input Session
Sunday, Dec. 11 - Winter Cycling 101 – 2 – 5 p.m. at the Gardens on Spring Creek (2145 Center Ave.) - Clinic includes information on traffic safety, how to ride on snow and ice, and proper clothing and equipment
Wednesday, Dec. 14 - Winter Bike to Work Day – 7- 9:30 a.m. - Just like Summer Bike to Work Day, but cooler! Our fifth annual Winter Bike to Work Day is a community effort and it wouldn't be possible without our sponsor's commitment to bicycling in Fort Collins. Map of the breakfast stations will be released Monday, November 28.

RESOURCES Report Bicycle Hazards – Help keep our City’s bike lanes and trails clear of snow, ice and debris by reporting bike hazards. or call 221-6614

Bicycle Snow Removal Routes – The Streets Department has created a bike route snow removal map for cyclists. Plan your snow day route accordingly:
Bicycle Safety Resources – The City of Fort Collins collaborates with the Bicycle and Pedestrian Education Coalition (BPEC) to offer bicycle and pedestrian safety education presentations for kids, families, businesses and senior groups. To learn more about our presentations, classes and cycling groups, visit:
TIPS 1. Be careful of low angle sun during winter as cars may not be able to see you.
2. Wear bright, visible clothing
3. When riding at night, ride with front and rear lights.
4. Always wear your helmet. You may need to change the sizing pads in your helmet or remove them entirely to fit your winter headgear. Some hats are made specifically to fit under helmets. Try taping over the vents in your helmet if your head gets too cold.
5. Take extreme caution of slick train tracks during wet, winter weather. Slow your speed and cross at a 90 degree angle (straight across).
6. Wide tires with widely separated knobs work best on snow. Studded tires improve traction on ice. Use low pressure: start with 15-20 psi and experiment for yourself.
7. Try to pedal smoothly and relax your upper body, especially on ice and soft snow. When the bike starts going sideways, make small corrections rather than over steering and weaving down the road.
8. Cycling generates a lot of heat so clothes that are warm and comfortable have to control the buildup of heat and moisture as well as insulate and protect from wind.
9. If you're riding in a headwind or falling snow you'll find eye protection very helpful.
10. Store your bicycle indoors to protect it from the elements. Plus, you’ll find that a warm saddle is more enjoyable to ride in the morning.

At first, people thought we were crazy for hosting a Winter Bike to Work Day, but it has quickly become one of our community’s favorite cycling events! Once you give it a go, you will realize how easy and fun it is to ride in the winter. And Bike Winter has grown, incorporating several new events to encourage more bicyclists to ride during the winter months. Please join us – be seen, be heard and sustain your cycling freedom throughout the year!