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Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center hosts "Save the Frogs" Day Event

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Hop on over to the for a croaking-good time as the Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center celebrates the 3rd Annual Save the Frogs Day, an international event aimed at educating people about frogs, on Saturday, April 30, 2011, aa am to 2 pm. The day will feature fun, hands-on activities, living frogs, and amphibian photos by David Herasimtschuk. Student Herpetologist Staci Amburgey from Colorado State University will share frog fieldwork stories and a display of gear at 11 am, 12 and 1:30 pm.

Amphibian species populations, including those of frogs, are declining at a rate more rapid than another other group of animals. By attending Save the Frogs Day, you can learn how making small changes in your habits can have big, positive impacts on frog habitats.

The Fort Collins Museum & Discovery Science Center is located at 200 Mathews Street, Fort Collins. Hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10AM – 5PM, Sunday, Noon – 5PM. 970-221-6738;