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Innovative Fishing Line Depositories Installed at Six Natural Areas

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Fishing line litter is a problem at natural areas because it can entangle or kill birds and other wildlife. To encourage anglers to properly dispose of fishing line, the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Program has installed fishing line collection tubes at six natural areas along the Poudre River. The fishing line is collected and recycled into products such as underwater fish habitat structures, picnic tables and benches.

The fishing line depositories are located at Arapaho Bend, Kingfisher Point, McMurry, North Shields Pond, Prospect Ponds and Riverbend Ponds natural areas.

Fishing line can hurt wildlife because it doesn’t break like natural materials and because of its clear color, it can be hard for them see. Animals can easily become tangled or trapped in discarded fishing line and hooks. Young songbirds such as orioles are especially at risk because the parents often use discarded fishing line as nest material. Karen Manci, a Senior Environmental Planner with the City’s Natural Areas Program said, “Our field crews have observed numerous cases of birds caught up in fishing line, unable to fly, eat or defend themselves from predators. It’s tragic! We hope the fishing line depositories will help prevent needless wildlife suffering and deaths.”

Thank you voters! Your citizen-initiated city and county sales taxes fund the Natural Areas Program, including land conservation, recreation amenities such as the fishing line depositories, trails and educational programs.