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Pooch Plunge Tickets on Sale Now!

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  • Contact: Krista Hobbs, 970.221.6335,
  • Jill Walusis, 970.221.6358,
Celebrate the dog-days of summer with your pooch!

FORT COLLINS - City Park Pool will mark the final days of summer with the 6th Annual Pooch Plunge Sunday, August 16 and Monday, August 17 from 5:30-7:00 PM. Before the pool is drained for 2009, pooches are encouraged to bring their four- and two-legged friends for the final splash-down of the year. For two sessions, the City's outdoor pool will be transformed into a canine coup!

Advance tickets are available for only $5. Cost at the door is $8.00. Each ticket allows one dog and two (2) human friends. Additional spectators or humans are admitted at $2.00 per person. The Pooch Plunge swim is open to dogs only; no cats or other furry friends allowed and no two-footed swimmers allowed.

Don’t forget to pamper your pooch by bidding on the silent auction. Canine massages, doggie day care gift certificates, baskets of dog-goods - they will all be up for bid!

Pooch Plunge etiquette dictates dog owners must be present with their dog at City Park Pool, and they are responsible for their dog's behavior and safety at all times. Dogs must be leashed until inside of the City Park Pool fences. Only non-aggressive, well-mannered canines and owners are welcome at City Park Pool. Harsh handling of animals will not be tolerated. Any person deemed by City Park Pool staff to be abusive will be expelled from the event. Female dogs in heat are not allowed. In addition, all dogs must be legally licensed and vaccinated and wearing a visible dog license.

A special thanks goes to our sponsors PetSmart and WAGZ. For more information about the event contact Krista Hobbs at (970) 221-6335.

NOTE: The City of Fort Collins will make reasonable accommodations for access to City services, programs, and activities and will make special communication arrangements for persons with disabilities. For activities that require registration, it is recommended that requests be made one week in advance by calling 224-6027 or TDD/TTY 224-6002.