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Human Relations Award

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Human Relations Award - Senior Category

Alma Vigo-Morales

Dedication, passion and expertise for social justice, Alma is a true advocate for all resident of Ft. Collins.

Alma has spent decades working to help ensure Ft. Collins is a welcoming, inclusive community.  Alma has served as the City’s Human Rights Officer and worked in Human Resources as Hewlett-Packard creating and implementing diversity trainings for over 3,000 employees.

It was those same diversity trainings that led to the first Multicultural Retreat, cohosted by the City of Ft. Collins and executed in large part by Alma who also drafted much of the curriculum.  The retreat was replicated for a number of years and lauded for its success and ability to bring together disparate groups of community members.  Alma co-owns a consulting firm titled Diversity Solutions Group which provides domestic and global intercultural relations among a host of other issues.  Alma’s work continues to have a profound and lasting impact on all of us who call Ft. Collins home.