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Human Relations Award

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Human Relations Award - Police and Emergency Recipient

Kent Robinson

Kent lives the vision and mission of Ft. Collins Police Services; to make Fort Collins the safest community in the nation and to provide professional and compassionate police services.

Kent has a unique ability to present himself and the Ft. Collins law enforcement services as a community of dedicated and uncompromising officers that protect all citizens.  Kent is an advocate for the disenfranchised.   He reaches out to homeless individuals and families.  He is very familiar with the homeless individuals and families in our community knowing many by name.  Kent is a role-model during these times of national challenges as those in authority are targeted.  Kent has been known to follow-up to ensure individuals have arrived at local shelters and centers across our community; concerned for their well-being.  Kent is a known figure in the downtown district and promotes conversation and relationship with at-risk individuals bridging Old Town safety between business owners and those in need of human services.  Kent’s character stands unwavering.  Kent’s daughter has completed the Police Academy requirements and will come alongside her father serving our community.