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Human Relations Award

 Contact Information

Dept Head: Delynn Coldiron

Past Recipients

2017 Awardees

Senior - Sue Ferguson
Adult - Dr. Janina Farinas 
Youth Category - Herman Chavez
Organization -  ChildSafe
Police and Emergency Services - Lt. Jeremy Yonce 

2016 Awardees

Senior Category - Kitty Kent
Adult Category - Janet Freeman
Youth Category - Julio Flores
Organization Category - FoCo Café
Police and Emergency Services - Mike Chavez

2015 Awardees

Senior Category - Alma Vigo-Morales
Adult Category - Leah Barrett
Youth Category - Kaidee Akullo
Non Profit Category - Homeless Gear
For Profit Category - Wirestone
Police and Emergency Services - Sgt. Kent Robinson

2014 Awardees

Senior Category - Florence Field
Senior Category - Linda Hopkins
Adult Category - Tracy Mead
Youth Category - Sage Zimerman
Organization Category - Poudre School District Mental Health Team

2013 Awardees

Senior - Chuck Solano
Adult - Tony Espinoza
Youth - Luis Enrique Martinez "Kike"
Organization - Poudre High School Student Council
Police and Emergency Services - Franke Johnson

2012 Awardees

Senior - Sue Elliot
Adult - Dr. Martin Carcasson
Youth - Connor Kelly and Pranaya Sathe
Organization - International Community Builders
Police and Emergency Services - Chris Wolf

2011 Awardees

Senior - Norbet Valdez
Adult - Del Rhea
Youth - Mathew Donovan and Leah Fox
Organization - Elderhouse Day Care Program
Police and Emergency Services - Dean Cunningham

2010 Awardees

Senior - J. Alan Beatty
Adult - Shana Bode and Laura Dusbabek
Youth - Rohan Goel
Organization - Rocky Mountain Resource Center

2009 Awardees

Senior - Marty Marsh
Adult - Katie Stieber
Youth - Brooke Jostad and Selina Luhan and Oliver Newton
Organization - Bas Bleu Theater
Police and Emergency Services -
Special Recognition - Sgt. Michael Esters

2008 Awardees

Senior - David Lipp
Adult - Betty Aragon-Mitotes
Youth - Katherine Nittman and Rick Hajost
Organization - Muslim Student Association
Police & Emergency Services - Steven C. Main, PVH Emergency Services
Public Service Personnel - Dawn Johnson

Keynote speaker - Susan Kirkpatrick, Executive Director of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs and former Fort Colliins City Council Member and Mayor

2007 Awardees

Seniors - Karen Reinhardt and Brian Carroll
Adult - Maria Martinez
Youth - Josh Disney
Organization - Lincoln Junior High IB program
Police and Emergency Services - Officer Bud Bredehoft and Officer Dawn Johnsen

Keynote Speaker - Eric Aoki, Ph.D.. Associate Professor of Speech Communication Intercultural, Interpersonal, & Diversity Communication

2006 Awardees

Senior - Jack Coleman and Phil Koster
Adult - LeRoy Gomez
Youth - Hanna Neff and Natalie Ziemba
Organization - Education and Life Training Center

2005 Awardees

Senior - Renate Justin
Adult - Hal Mansfield
Youth - Samantha Schaffer
Organization - Crossroads Safehouse

2004 Awardees

Senior - Lewis Lachman
Adult - Cheryl Distaso
Youth - Raissa Huntley-Fryer
Organization - Fuerza Latina

2003 Awardees

Senior - Joyce Dillon
Adult - Patrick M. Brady
Youth - Esmeralda Gamaz
Organization - Fort Collins Lions Club

Keynote Speaker - Bob Powell, Character Fort Collins

2002 Awardees

Senior - Diane Johnson and Dean Miller
Adult - Marla Manchego
Youth - Israel Ordaz
Organization - CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)

Keynote Speaker - Lori Abe

2001 Awardees

Senior - Tom Wera
Adult - John Kefalas
Youth - Melissa Pieper
Organization - Los Ancianos Unidos

Keynote Speaker - Sonny Lubick, Varsity Football Coach, CSU

2000 Awardees

Senior - Ellen Long
Adult - Miriam 'Mims' Harris
Youth - None
Organization - Lutheran Brotherhood

Keynote Speaker - William King, University Ombudsman, CSU

1999 Awardees

Senior - Edward Anderson
Adult - Rev. Dan Denison
Youth - Leigh O'Connell

Keynote Speaker - Dennis Harrison, Fort Collins Police Chief

1998 Awardees

Senior - Mary Fagan Bates
Adult - Isabel Rodriques Thacker
Youth - None
Organization - Wingshadow, Inc.

Keynote Speaker - Glenn Levy, Battalion Chief, Poudre Fire Authority

1997 Awardees

Senior- Stanley Ulrich
Adult- Savita Krause
Youth- None
Organization- Elderhaus Adult Day Care Program

Keynote Speaker - Dr. Keith Miser, Vice President of Student Affairs, CSU

1996 Awardees

Senior - Storrey Lynn
Adult - Dwight Schettler
Youth - None
Organization - Fort Collins Service League
Special Recognition - Joe Cribari

Keynote Speaker - Ginny Riley, Director of Larimer County Human Services

1995 Awardees

Senior - Laurence 'Larry' Johnston
Adult - Donna Roth
Youth - Benjamin Todd Stampfi
Organization - Kiwanis Club of Poudre Golden K - Fort Collins

Keynote Speaker - Ann Azari, Mayor of Fort Collins

1994 Awardees

Senior - Sister Mary Alice Murphy
Adult - Jana Shader and Kim Christensen (2 recipients)
Youth - Steve Balmer and Capucine Watkins (2 recipients)
Organization - ADA Task Force of Larimer County
Special Recognition - Epic Youth Skaters

1993 Awardees

Senior - Yetta Rolllins
Adult - Lee Ann Forrester and Lorrie Stewart
Youth - Maria Melendez
Organization - Soroptomist International

1992 Awardees

Senior - Gordon Soloman
Adult - Alice C. Clark
Youth - None
Organization - Habitat for Humanity

1991 Awardees

Senior - Florence Gibson and Carl Youngren
Adult - Chulla Morel-Seytoux
Youth - None
Organization - Crossroads Ministry

1990 Awardees

Senior - None
Adult - Jim Overman
Youth - None
Organization - Poudre Valley Hospital Prenatal and Children's Clinic

1989 Awardees

Senior - None
Adult - Bob Reed
Youth - None
Organization - Activities Youth Center

1988 Awardees

Senior - None
Adult - Virginia Riley
Youth - None
Organization - Volunteer Clearing House

1987 Awardees

Adult - Gertrude Williams

1986 Awardees

Adult - Frances Thompson

1985 Awardees

Adult - Robert A. Geller

1984 Awardees


1983 Awardees


1982 Awardees

June Sullivan