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Human Relations Award

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Human Relations Award - Organization Recipient

Homeless Gear (non-profit)

Homeless Gear provides the tangible articles needed for critical care to people experiencing homelessness. These items include outdoor gear, outerwear, non-perishable food and personal hygiene-care products.   Many times these supplies make the difference between life and death especially during our cold Colorado winters.

Homeless Gear supports individuals and families in meaningful ways by operating (6) varying programs that support and assist in escaping near homelessness and stabilize current homelessness with alternative options.

A most powerful and visible force in our community, Homeless Gear meets people where they are at, and develops trust, rapport and a personalized support plan to ensure the participants success in pursuing self-sustainable goals such as employment and housing.

David and his team are partnering with local business owners and City government to develop of a cohesive approach to providing safe, adequate living conditions of all our citizens. 

Wirestone (for profit)

Wirestone’s global marketing strategies are impressive yet in their local Ft. Collins location passion and community give-back is a priority.  Wirestone has volunteered re-banding, marketing strategies, and brainstorming sessions to nonprofits.

Wirestone’s management believes rewards are earned by offering volunteer hours to supportive services that otherwise would not be able to afford a marketing strategist.  Wirestone’s staff gives of their time to meet and provide expertise in fund development.  Not only is their dynamic team professionally involved, they truly embrace the cause and personally promote other community members to volunteer and become involved in local charities.