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Additional Learning!#

FEMA's Independent Study#

Do you want to increase your knowledge of emergency management or how to best prepare yourself for a possible emergency situation? A good way is through FEMA's Independent Study program. This service, free of charge, offers self-paced courses that allow you to receive Continuing Education Units.

While many of these courses are specifically geared towards professional emergency management personnel, a great number of these courses are applicable, and useful, for the public.

The following courses are geared toward public use!

Click Here For the Full List of FEMA IS Courses

American Red Cross Classes#

The American Red Cross offers a series of classes in a variety of fields, such as CPR and First Aid. Courses are offered through both classroom, online, and hybrid (classroom and online) means. Classes can also delve into more specific topics, such as Pet, Child, and Baby First Aid. 

Please note that there is a fee associated with these classes. 

View American Red Cross Class Offerings