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Fort Collins Artist Studio Tour and Sale

2020 Tour Dates and Hours:

Friday, September 25, 4–7pm
Saturday, September 26, 10am–5pm
Sunday, September 27, 12–5pm


The Fort Collins Artist Studio Tour and Sale is a free self-guided tour of local artist studios revealing the mysteries of the creative process to families and individuals in and around Fort Collins. Through art demonstrations and educational displays right in the artists' studios, visitors will meet the artists personally, buy original artworks, and learn about how and where artists create pottery, jewelry, photography, painting, sculpture, fiber arts, and more! The included artists reflect the amazing creative talent available right in our own community. This event is also a fundraiser for the Carnegie Center for Creativity. 




The Studio Tour is open to Fort Collins area artists who are making original artworks at a professional level in diverse media. Qualified artists will create artwork that:

  1. is of original design and creation--no kits or other mass-produced works are allowed,
  2. reflects a unique style, personal vision, and consistency for the body of work presented, and
  3. demonstrates a technical proficiency in handling of the medium.

The Visual Arts Staff will consider the above criteria in determining eligibility for the studio tour. Only artists whose work meets the above qualifications, as determined by Staff, may participate. There is no limit to the number of artists accepted. Decisions of the Visual Arts Staff are final.

Studios with a Fort Collins, Bellvue, or Laporte address and zip code, or within the following boundary roads will have the highest traffic: County Road 5 on the East, County Road 30 on the South, Highway 1 on the North, and Lory State Park/Horsetooth Mountain Park/Roosevelt National Forest on the West. Artists with studios outside of this boundary area may apply, but locations outside this area may have diminished traffic during the weekend event.


Participation fee is due with your application. The participation fee may be paid by check, made out to Lincoln Center, and mailed to Studio Tour, 417 W. Magnolia, Fort Collins, CO 80521. Or, call Liz Good at 970-416-2646 to make payments by Credit Card. Get a Studio Sponsor to fund $175 of your participation fee! See below for information. 

There are 3 levels of participation depending on the number of artists participating in a single studio.

Individual Artist: $175

  • An Individual Brochure Listing is for the individual artist producing their own work in a studio space, or two artists sharing a studio space and producing objects that are 100% collaborative.
  • An Individual Brochure Listing receives one image in the brochure, with the Individual Artist’s name and contact information. An artist participating in a group studio may select this level if they wish to have a separate image of their work with their name and contact information featured in the brochure.
  • With an Individual Brochure Listing the artist may display an artwork of their choosing (limited to 42" in width) in the Preview Exhibition at the Carnegie Center for Creativity.
  • All “Requirements for Participation” apply to the Artist

Small Group Studio: $300

  • A Small Group Studio consists of 2 artists sharing a studio location and producing individual artworks. Both artists must be present all hours during the Studio Tour Weekend and provide an environment that allows the visitor to experience the Artists’ creative process.
  • The Small Group Studio should submit a single application form, with image(s) from each of the participating artists in the studio.
  • The Small Group Studio receives one image in the brochure with a list of the participating artists and their contact information (studio address, websites, and emails).
  • Each artist in a Small Group Studio can exhibit one work of their choosing (limited to 42" in width) in the Preview Exhibition at the Carnegie Center for Creativity.
  • All “Requirements for Participation” apply to all artists participating in the studio.

Large Group or Co-op Studio: $500

  • A Large Group or Co-op Studio Listing is for three or more artists sharing a communal facility or workspace to create and sell original artwork. Before applying, a studio representative should contact Liz Good at bGdvb2RAZmNnb3YuY29t, regarding their intent to participate as a Large Group Studio. The Large Group Studio should submit a single application form, with up to 5 images from participating artists in the studio.
  • The studio receives one image in the brochure with the facility name and facility contact information (address, website, and email). The Studio must be open during all hours of the Studio Tour weekend.
  • There will be limited exhibition space for a group display in the Preview Exhibition at the Carnegie Center for Creativity. The Group Studio representative should contact Liz Good at bGdvb2RAZmNnb3YuY29t, to discuss the space available. It is possible that not all artists will be included in the Group Studio display.
  • “Requirements for Participation” apply to all artists participating as part of the Large Group or Co-op Studio.

Individual Studio Tour Artists may secure a Studio Sponsor and have their participation fee waived. Group and Co-op Studios can get $175 off their participation fee.

Studio Sponsors pay $275 from which $175 will go towards the artist’s or studio’s participation fee. Remaining proceeds will support the cost of presenting the Studio Tour in exchange for promotional benefits through the event. Artists who pay their participation fee and later secure a Studio Sponsor will have their participation fee refunded upon receipt of payment from the sponsor. Personalize our sample sponsor letter or compose one of your own to business owners with whom you have a working relationship. Give them the Sponsor Agreement Form to complete and return to the Lincoln Center with their payment by June 15.  Download the Sample Sponsor Letter and Sponsor Agreement Form.


For jurying, new Individual Studio applicants are required to submit 3 digital images. Small, Large Group, and Co-op Studios submit 4 images (2 from each participating artist in small group studios, or 1 from each of four different artists in Large Group and Co-op studios). These images will also be used for the brochure. The first image will be noted as your first choice. New Group and Co-op Studios can submit a combined image for the brochure once accepted.

Returning individual or group studio artists need only submit 1 image for publication in the brochure. Returning Group Studios may submit a combined image for the brochure. 

The Studio Tour Brochure is in a magazine-style layout and offers advertising for local businesses and artists Please follow the recommendations below:

Images must be high-res digital JPG or TIFF image files, no larger than 3MB. This will ensure print quality images for the brochure and possible inclusion in promotional materials.

  • Image File Names: Please label your image files as follows: Last Name_Title.jpg (or .tiff).
  • Artworks should be completed since September 2018 and be representative of artworks that will be on view at your studio during the Studio Tour.
  • Each image should show a single work of art, unless part of a set (as in jewelry or a ceramic tea set, etc.).
  1. Only artists who are deemed eligible by the Visual Arts Staff will appear in the brochure and receive official signage designating their studio as part of the Studio Tour. The Visual Arts Staff has the right to refuse participation to any artist who does not meet the Requirements for Participation of the event. The decisions of the Visual Arts Staff are final.
  2. Complete application forms, images must be received by Monday, June 1. Participation fees or Studio Sponsor payments are due by Monday, June 15.
  3. Artists are strongly encouraged to participate in their actual regular studio space. Temporary or guest studio set-ups must be approved by Visual Arts Staff and are strongly discouraged. Our goal is to produce an authentic tour of working artists’ studios that offers a specific cultural experience for the community. (See #4)
  4. In addition to talking to visitors about their creative process, Studio Tour Artists must provide an educational experience to visitors by scheduling a demonstration of their artistic process or displaying information about the processes, tools, materials, and techniques of their work. Artists in temporary studios must provide a re-creation of their working studio environment.
  5. Artists must be present in their studio and available to meet the public during all Studio Tour hours on Saturday and Sunday, September 26 and 27. Occasional breaks during the weekend are acceptable, however, the studio must remain open to the public. Participation on the evening of Friday, September 25, is optional. Having a studio assistant available to provide you with breaks and help with sales is strongly recommended.
  6. Artists should keep in mind the family nature of this community event and provide signage notifying visitors of the presence of artworks with nudity or mature content. Serving alcohol or other intoxicants during the event hours without a liquor license is prohibited and could put you at significant legal risk.
  7. Accepted artists must have the required City, State, and County sales tax licenses and must collect and pay all required sales taxes. More information is available at the following numbers: CO Department of Revenue (303) 866-5643 and Fort Collins City Sales Tax Office (970) 221-6780.
  8. Artists must return a completed survey distributed after the Studio Tour weekend and will be asked to share general sales information with the Visual Arts Staff for the sole purpose of promoting future Fort Collins Studio Tour events. Specific studio sales information will not be shared with other persons or organizations.

Questions about participation fees or studio qualifications should be directed to Liz Good at bGdvb2RAZmNnb3YuY29t.


We are eager to work with you to build a partnership that works best for your business. Please contact us if you would like to learn about sponsorship opportunities and benefits.